About us

Alpha Seven Stars was founded and launched by the agriculturist, Petros Kyrkoudis in Polygyros Chalkidiki/ Greece.

The objective of our company is to standardize the best quality olive and offer it to you, our valued customers. This unique, Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, called “Agoureleo Chalkidikis,” is a unique product protected by the Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

Our Green olive oil of Alpha Seven Stars offers full identity to you by name and place of origin. It is produced by Kyrkoudi’s loving family at their beautiful property, filled with olive trees the last 100 years from great grandparents to great grandson.  We combine the expertise of education, care, knowledge and science of years of high quality olive cultivation.


Quality control is done by modern laboratories recognized by the E.U. and the International Olive Council.

Our trademark,  “A” as in Agoureleo and seven (7) stars denote the highest degree of finely cultivated olives.  Connoisseurs around the globe understand that Agoureleo is “The King of Olive Oils.”