Meet the product

The cultivation of the olive, according to the science of Palaiovotanikis, dates back to the end of the classical era with the beginning of the Roman period. Testimony from the oldest “crusher” vertical millstones olive, found in Olynthos Chalkidikis and dates back to 4th century BC.

Agoureleo Chalkidikis is the Green Olive Oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the green fruit of the variety of  “chontroelia Chalkidiki” or "Chalkidiki " which is one of the Oldest and most recognizable varieties internationally.

Our method begins by delicately handpicking the olives from our top grade olive trees, avoiding harming of the fruit, ensuring excellent physical condition of the olive so that the final product provides you the highest quality anywhere in the world.

The oil of unripe olives produced at low speed and temperature conditions produces Agoureleo Chalkidikis with extremely low acidity (up 0.35% oleic acid).

The color of our green olive oil (Agoureleo)  is bright green and offers the aroma of a fine green fruit or freshly cut grass.  You will find it pleasant, slightly spicy and mild to your tastebuds, which differentiates significantly from oils of other regions and makes ours clearly recognizable.

As we said, Agoureleo is a product known through the ages. The oil of unripened olives was considered by the ancient Greeks and Romans to be the oil of the very best quality.
Because we take such great care in the specificity of production of Agoureleo yielding small batches with each production, sometimes for medical uses and ointments, it stands to reason why Agoureleo is so desirable.

Agoureleo takes the lead over other oils and is found to be a particularly high source of antioxidants and works as an anti-inflammatory. Our green olive oil is a powerful antioxidant like elaiasini and anti-inflammatory like elaiokanthi with values ​​approaching cumulatively  450mg per kilogram (pdf) up to five times more concentrated than the usual good quality extra virgin olive oil. Amazingly, these two substances are not found in any other food.  The only other source for human consumption is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The way to recognize these two substances is simple.  The mildly bitter taste at the back of the mouth and the slightest tingling sensation in the throat is notable traits of its quality.   Not altering the components of green olive oil is preferable.  So, it is best consumed raw in salads and or as a finish on top of your cooked foods as a light sauce or spritz.

Chalkidiki Green olive oil is the only nationwide certification oil with P.D.O by the European Union. This means that it is produced under constant and strict control of the Ministry of Rural Development to ensure the full application of E.U. law to ensure the production of high quality olive oil.